The Self-Interactional Group Theory (SIGT) explains the relational/interactional nature of relations.  Relationships are viewed as the reciprocal, continuous communicative interactions between people.  From a pragmatic perspective, focus enables observation and description of different units of the relational interactions, namely the intra-individual, inter-individual, and group units of analysis.  The three units of analysis are the intra-individual, inter-individual and the group, against the interpersonal context, embedded in broader environments:

The Mmogo-method® is a visual data-collection-method.  Participants are involved in a group ranging from 6 to 10 people.  They use unstructured materials (malleable clay, beads of different sizes and colours, and dried grass stalks, or substitute materials serving the same purpose) to construct visual representations.  Visual representations are stimulated by an open-ended prompt which participants explain and which serve as stimuli for group members to augment the discussion.  The visual representations are photographed and used as visual data while the individual and group’s discussions are audio or video recorded, transcribed verbatim, and serve as textual data.  Observational data are obtained by observing individual and group members’ non-verbal behaviour and interactions.

SIGT Articles

Mmogo-method® Articles

Articles in which the Mmogo-method® are described:

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Articles in which the Mmogo-method® were applied:

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